Charm #64

image: 1 ⅛” diameter, charm: 1 ¾” x 1 ¼” x ⅛”


metal charm, acrylic painting, hand folded, foil paper star, gold leaf, Swarovski crystals

Charm #64 is also referred to as “Sarai,” named after the young Sarah, wife of Abram (later Abraham) in the Old Testament.  I hope to paint an “Abraham” and a “Hagar” in the future.  I’ve written a lengthy poem about this work, but I’ve provided only the first section here.  “A woman hailed from Ur Kaśdim; / Blood of the Tigris glazed her shore. / Trees of Eden were uprooted— / Her land became the Nod to war. // She sang to God in sunlit sounds; / Abram chose her from hopeful brides. / He whispered of New Canaan life— / Far west of the Euphrates’ tides.”