Amulet #49b

image: 3” diameter, watch: 3 ¾” x 3 ¼” x ¼”


metal pocket watch, found objects, epoxy resin, glitter, paper, acrylic, ink, rhinestones

This work was embellished with found objects that reflected the festivities of Halloween and the Day of the Dead.  I wrote a poem about Halloween at around the same time.  “Standing on the edge of a precipice, / The sky below is neither black nor white. / It appears colorless, but for the stars descending heavenward. / Is it day or is it night? // Perpendiculars don’t intersect— / Parallels meet as they curve and entwine. / All perspective seems to be lost— / The shortest distance ‘tween us is a crooked line. // Everything and nothing rides on an elevator moving sideways. / Is there no distance or time; is it Halloween? / I’ll erase myself from my shadow. / For this moment only, I’ll live among the unseen.”