Labyrinth: The Circuitous Life of a Miniaturist

11′ x 23′ x 43′, 2 in situ shots


wood, paint, 122 objects, 3 vitrines

My Flint Institute of Arts solo exhibition, titled “Labyrinth: The Circuitous Life of a Miniaturist,” ran from November 1, 2014 – January 4, 2015.  It was, in large part, a retrospective with new artwork; and 122 separate works were shown inside 3 vitrines (my assemblages) and on 7 interior wall sections, 6 sections of which I installed.  This rectangular gallery, 43′ in depth and 23′ in width, was painted gray, and interior wall sections were connected by lintels, arranged in a maze-like pattern.  In total, the exhibit was composed of seven rooms and an entryway.  The interconnecting rooms were a metaphor for the panoply of emotions I experienced through years of darkness and infrequent light in my career.  Thus, the structure, and its configuration of walls, thematically related to the ups and downs in my life as an artist.