Assemblage II: Amulets

1′ x 2′ x 2”, vitrine height: 32”


20 metal watches, drawings, paintings, found objects, velvet

Here, I’ve pictured the second of 3 assemblages I showed in my Flint Institute of Arts exhibit, “Labyrinth: The Circuitous Life of a Miniaturist.”  This work also referenced the assemblages of Joseph Cornell and Betye Saar, and was devised as an organized grouping of found objects and elements drawn, painted, carved, and modeled by me.  Many of these numbered amulet objects also contained metal pieces, holographic paper, braided cotton floss, dried flowers, inks, feathers, rhinestones, and polymers.  The majority of these pieces were created in 2013-14, the first in 2010 (three precede this shot).