Arcada Triptych

all images: 5 ½” x 3 ½”        

dates: (left) work-in-progress from 2010-13, completed 2013; (center) work-in-progress from 2010-13, completed 2013; (right) completed 2006

colored pencil, acrylic, linen paper, garnet, blood

The three drawings comprising the “Arcada Triptych” precede this shot, with explanations of the subject matter.  This group of identically framed drawings are read from right to left, beginning with the profile of the Moorish, Moslem African male.  Behind him stand two women, the farthest in a three-quarter view.  This Moorish, Moslem African female is depicted in the front of the center composition, and the skeleton behind her touches the Catholic boy in the left drawing.  The “Arcada Triptych” is compositionally devised to take viewers on a circular walk around these figures.  Work continued on the left and center drawings from their initial display in 2010 through their completion in 2013.  The drawing to the right was completed in 2006.  Because I continue to be my harshest critic, and a perfectionist in a less-than-perfect world, I was not satisfied with this group of drawings until 2013!