Unto Us Child

Unto Us a Child is Born

4” x 3 ½”


oil on panel, brass, Corian

This was one painting from the group of drawings and paintings shown inside “Sanctuary.”  It depicts a couple who have conceived a child from their love—the new Christ child.  A Star of Bethlehem shines over the baby’s head.  This painting is in The Detroit Institute of Arts’ collection, although it has never been shown in the public galleries.  “Unto Us a Child is Born” has been reprised and readapted to become the first work in my newest project, “The Annals of Peregrine White,” begun in 2017.  This series will celebrate the rebirth of a new world soul, named Peregrine White, a reincarnation of the first child born on the Mayflower when it was anchored in Massachusetts Bay.  The baby pictured in this painting will retroactively become the newly-appointed Peregrine, symbolically representing the new Christ child for a new era.  A plausible, complex, yet alternative universe, similar to our own, will be the setting.  Please refer to the 2018 work, “The Winds Tagged Rafaela with a Star,” in this Gallery section, and “A Foreboding in Morona,” in the Early Work section.